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Review of RedStar Poker

Throughout our experience analyzing online casinos and gambling games of all sorts, it’s fair to say we’ve seen a variety of distinct themes used by developers and site owners to differentiate themselves from the competition. Occasionally, though, you don’t need to go to all that work — just give us, the faithful gamers, what we want. Please.

RedStar Poker is undoubtedly listening with all ears and reacting with open arms to that argument. As the name implies, this is a site dedicated to online poker, and that is (nearly) all there is to it. We’ll discuss the other small details later, but for now, let’s focus on the work at hand.

Once the webpage has loaded, more seasoned gamers may notice a few distinctions between RedStar Poker and other gambling websites. For starters, there is no flashy artwork here, no colossal cityscapes, no insane cartoon characters, not even gorgeous females. It is just red. That is all.

Second, although the majority are eager to point out that they provide free money for registering, this is not the case here. The primary slider graphic was focused on information on the RedStar Lottery, which we’ll discuss later, rather than on enticing you to join up with the promise of a free wager or anything similar. That may seem like poor marketing, but we believe it is rather prudent, considering that all the discounts and incentives are obviously appreciated, but they tend to blend together.

You can manually adjust that slider and it will reveal a 200 percent bonus on your first deposit up to $2000, but we prefer the lottery bit—not only is it different, but it also indicates that there is a bit more going on beneath the proverbial hood than simply poker—not that we’d complain about a website that only did poker well.

Then Poker

Perhaps. If you can locate the games. On the site, you’ll see a slew of icon-based menu choices, including ‘Download’, ‘Cashier’, ‘How To Play’, ‘Store’, ‘Promotions’, ‘Tournaments’, and ‘Support’. Whoever developed the site was clearly unaware of the number one rule of everything online in today’s times — users must have some clear direction or they will lose interest.

You may download the real play area to your PC and therefore begin playing poker. This will be an immediate issue for some – considering the frequency of dubious downloads, malware, and viruses, needing to download only to play a few hands is not ideal. Particularly when the domain address ends. ru, indicating that the site is based in Russia, a country that rocketed to the top of the notoriety rankings in terms of online concerns following President Trump’s election victory in 2016 and the mudslinging that preceded it, with many experts claiming Hillary Clinton’s ratings decline was due to Russian hackers leaking her dodgy dealings.

Forget Russia True, there is nothing to suggest that this website is a reason for alarm, so let us go on. If you do decide to download, there are various different types of poker to choose from. These include established games including as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Omaha High/Low, as well as the less popular Telesina. On the overall, a really nice poker product.

However, I am unable to play any online games.

That is not totally accurate. Contrary to what the name implies, RedStar Poker does allow for the play of other games, but in a totally separate realm.

When you click on the Casino Games option on the site, you’ll be presented with a slew of thumbnails highlighting the many sorts of games available, including slots. Strangely, if you check in your browser’s URL bar, you’ll see that the website’s address has changed to Red Star This is insignificant, but it does imply that we are now officially assessing a separate website.

Anyway, this is still primarily a poker site, so don’t expect to find a slew of Baccarat tables waiting for you, but it does mean that you can participate without having to download the Red Star Poker app to your computer, which will be a relief to many, though perhaps not enough to choose this over, say, any website that offers full casino access without requiring a download.

Are there any tournaments or promotions going on?

In a word, sure, and there are enough of them, which is one thing. The promotions are essentially normal fare for the Red Star chain — there is a continuous lottery – thus its marketing on the site – that is available to all members and provides the opportunity to win some excellent prizes.

Additionally, you’ll get a convenient deposit bonus of up to 100% of your first deposit, up to a maximum value of $100. The astute among you may notice that this is not the same deal that the webpage states, which may raise a few red flags. While this is more than likely an oversight, in a highly competitive industry like online gambling, this can mean the difference between new members and a website with a sky-high bounce rate.